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Course Overview

Every day we hear of some form of violence around our shrinking world. Statistically this form of violence happens every 2.9 months in the US with an average of 4 deaths per shooting. In 80% of workplace deaths in the US, a gun or knife was used by a Co-worker!

In Canada we are less prone to the volume but we are not at all exempt from the same issue…in Canada our numbers are still significant. Our average, In Canada, is also 80% workplace violence (Homicide) incidents are committed with a gun or a knife. This statistic has only recently begun to be recovered in Canada and has seen sharp and steady growth in the last decade alone, virtually doubling in numbers every 3 to 5 years, but in context. Our numbers are much smaller but statistically line-up exactly with the U.S. Interesting though, in Canada, over 80% of all workplace violence incident claims results in injury to Women…OVER 80%!

We spend thousands of dollars on Fire Safety Plans, Life Safety Equipment, maintaining Fire Panels and the Training of staff on how to respond to a Fire emergency and maybe even a few other Medical or Utility scenarios…but in this brave new world there is a more recent type of threat, Security professionals have had to re-think the process a bit since virtually no one is teaching occupants what to do if they can’t safely get out!

We have a program, an Empowerment Program, that offers an innovative, exciting, informative and empowering type of training right here in Canada! There is a reason our company “RSG.CA” is the only preferred service provider to the Federal Government for these products; as well as the #1 provider to RCMP and Ontario Policing for their fire and disaster response / evacuation programs. As a civilian agency trusted we are trusted to work with, develop, direct and document our very capable police’s response to emergencies in their own facilities…hopefully that fact alone helps to define our credibility. We are chosen time and time again by many of Canada’s most renowned Clients: RCMP, IKEA, DeBeers Diamonds, CBRE, Brookfield GIS, Government of Canada and our exceptional property managers who utilize our services…

These programs are divided into a Public/Tenant Seminar - 3 hours and includes:

Active Threat / Severe Aggressive Behaviour
- The Canadian Facts

The first part of the seminar is a simple one and the most serious one that takes 1.5 hours, the 90 minutes is information and some basic training on the basic 3 steps adopted by North American policing agencies in Canada and the US… RUN – HIDE – FIGHT and is intended as a classroom workshop for all tenant department/area management and their back up. We can accommodate up to 200 attendees in a single session or smaller as your space allows. Multiple sessions can also be accommodated.

This program emphasizes that Running from the event is your #1 survival option.

Hiding if you are in the immediate area, an open area or are unable to evacuate immediately for whatever reason. We discuss methods, need and ways to control your panic and your environmental advantages with what we call office/worksite camouflage options.

Lastly, we discuss and demonstrate 3 basic scenarios where the threat of imminent attack can be mitigated by the Fighting back of a group or even one person in a last resort scenario. We spend the half hour on this and have found it to be the most liberating and empowering to participants. If only because they feel that they finally have some ability to affect their own outcome and have some idea of how to react and survive.

We break for 15min and continue with Workplace Violence

We spend the next 90 min outlining

Workplace Violence/Bullying Policy (existing Company Policy or General Provincial/Federal Policy, Recognition and Steps to De-escalate and report incidents or concerns.

We provide an actual scenarios and response recommendations. The last 15 to 30 minutes will allow participants to Ask Questions during this final de-brief to attendees.

Minimum Class size is 20, cost is $89 per person and refreshments and snacks are provided.

2 Day - RUN HIDE FIGHT Training Seminar Program

Day 1

Our second and more complete Training Program has 4 parts that are designed to be the combination punch in these extreme emergencies. The first part is the same as above but with much more participant engagement in discussions, scenarios that would be most likely in your facility and actual (guided) design of the response your facility will adopt. We discuss Workplace Violence trends and establish response guidelines using tenant departmental/HR existing directives, etc.

This process is 3 to 4 hrs in the morning (8am to 12pm) a break for lunch and an afternoon of developing an Actual LOCKDOWN program (1pm to 4pm usually) to help engage and visualise the process in a “Safe” and “Training Knowledge = Empowerment” environment designed to be fun, humorous but…ultimately…serious!

Day 2

We begin the Day with a Active Threat / Shooter training scenario for approx.. 2 hrs, break for 15 minutes,

Do a 15 to 30 min Q & A then we do 3 to 6 Live Event takedown scenarios until lunch!

Afternoon is a summery of the first 3 workshops and a Hot Stove with our presenters and Host to field questions from the participants in the course and provide direct opportunity for participants to address and meet their presenters with a 45 min reception following the Hot Stove program

RUN, HIDE, FIGHT – classroom training of up to 40 attendees for this program – Client can provide facility or we can.

Time required: 14 hrs per above. Time can be extended if multiple groups wish to be trained in a smaller closed environment over a 2 day period or as negotiated for large groups or occupancies.

Cost is $1175 per day or $1975 for both days pre-registered. Lunch and refreshments are catered at no additional cost.

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